September means grape harvest time; in Italy we call it vendemmia. Do you know where this word comes from? “Vendemmia” comes from the latin term vīndēmia, that is composed of vīnum, which means “wine”, and demĕre, which means “remove”!

What is the vendemmia?

The vendemmia is the process used to transform grapes into wine. In particular, grapes are usually harvested in September and are brought to the wine cellar where they are transformed into wine in a process called vinification. During this process, the sugar inside the grapes is subjected to alcoholic fermentation. Grapes are harvested when ripe and it depends on many factors: first of all, the area where it is cultivated and the kind of grape, but it is usually in September.

Giovanni Pascoli’s vineyard

In this area many producers cultivate grapes to make wine. We want to mention a particular vineyard which is, at the moment, used for internal use only due its small size. We are talking about the vineyard of Giovanni Pascoli, the famous Italian poet who lived near Barga, in Castelvecchio. This project, which resumed ten years ago, is called Flos Vineae (wine flower), as Giovanni Pascoli called it, and is carried out by volunteers of the Castelvecchio Misericordia association.

— Written and translated by Margherita Paolinelli


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