May has arrived and has brought both sunny and rainy days! While the weather may remain unstable, there are two important events this month: Labour Day and Mother’s Day.

Labour Day

The first day of May has been labour day for more than 130 years; are you wondering why this day was chosen? It dates back to an event in 1886, in Chicago. At that time some trade unions organised a general strike known as the Haymarket Affair, as it was set in Haymarket Square. The purpose of the strike was to reduce the working day to 8 hours. During the event, which began on the first of May, six protesters were killed by the police. The day after, a bomb was thrown against the police, killing six of them and injuring 60 others. The police responded by shooting at the crowd and killing other protesters. Over the following years, eight anarchists, some of them not even present at the event, were accused of conspiracy and murder and four of them were sentenced to death.

In Italy we have another event linked to this date: it is the Portella della Ginestra massacre. On Labour Day, a pacific protest took place. There were some of Salvatore Giuliano’s men, who were strongly linked to monarchists and the mafia. They began shooting at the crowd and twelve people were killed: among them there were also two children

Mother’s Day

This event is particular as it has two different meanings. First of all, Mother’s Day is celebrated in May, which is the month usually dedicated to the Virgin Mary. From 1933 this celebration was on 24 December, but the Church feared that this event could eclipse Christmas. After the Second World War, the event was not celebrated for several years. Mother’s Day was reintroduced on 8 May in 1953 by Raul Zaccari and Giacomo Pallanca, with the purpose of increasing the sale of flowers, which had greatly reduced during and after the Wars. Since 1958, Mother’s Day has been celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Despite its commercial origins, this day remains an occasion to celebrate every mother!


Spring has finally arrived and Barga is filled with flowers! Have you seen our new video about it? You can find it here, enjoy!

— Written and translated by Margherita Paolinelli

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