Today let’s talk about March, the month in which Spring begins, the birds start tweeting and the fields fill with colours and scents. Sometimes during this month we have Carnival festivities, it depends on the year: in 2022 Mardi Gras, the day in which Carnival ends, was on Tuesday 1 March, so Carnival ended on the first day of the month. 

In Italy in March there are two main celebrations: International Women’s Day and Father’s Day. International Women’s Day is a crucial day that is celebrated every year with many events: we will talk about this day thoroughly in the next article. For now, we can give you a run-down of the events organised by the Comune di Barga: on 26 February the celebrations began with the inauguration of a Red Bench, symbol of the fights against gender-based violence, in Mologno while another one will be inaugurated in Albiano on 5 March. During the following days many presentations will be organised such as “La conquista del voto per le donne in Italia” (literally: obtaining the right to vote for women in Italy), by Silvia Giannini on 7 March; there will be the award ceremony of the first edition of “Ambasciatrice delle commissioni pari opportunità della Mediavalle” (literally: Mediavalle’s equal opportunities commission Ambassador) on Sunday 14 March and, finally, the presentation “Cosa fa un centro antiviolenza?” (literally: what does an anti-violence centre do?) on Tuesday 15 March. The information about the times and locations of the events are in the flyer below, unfortunately only in Italian:

March isn’t just the month of International Women’s Day, in Italy there is also Father’s Day, a day to celebrate every dad, on 19 March; this date isn’t international such as for Women’s Day: Father’s Day is celebrated on 19 March only in countries with a Catholic tradition, as it is believed that the 19 March is the day Saint Joseph, Jesus’ “adoptive” father, died. A typical sweet eaten in Italy on this day is the zeppola of Saint Joseph!


— Written and translated by Margherita Paolinelli

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