The Red Telephone Box: the smallest book-crossing library in Italy

What is a bright red, British telephone box doing in the centre of Barga? You might jokingly say “It’s a library”… But it really is!

Barga’s Red Telephone Box is a genuine book-crossing library: inside there are several shelves filled with books that people leave there after taking another for themselves. The reduced capacity makes it the smallest book-crossing library in Italy.

The red box was donated to Barga in 2008 by Mauro and Jacqueline Cecchini from Edinburgh, Scotland, as a sign of their love for the Tuscan town.

Currently the red box is managed by the Pro Loco Association of Barga and is part of the circuit that you can find out more about here:

Thanks to its picturesque location near the Kennedy Park with the ancient aqueduct in the background, the Red Telephone Box has enchanted visitors for years and people often snap memorable pictures here.

Find it on the map:

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