Barga certainly has many attractions to offer its visitors!

Starting from the impressive Duomo, the symbol of the city, up to the famous Della Robbia Terracotta works and the unique villages scattered throughout the local area.

Barga's Duomo

The Duomo, part of the archdiocese of Pisa, sits on an east-west axis and inside the cathedral you can find many works of art including a 13th-century wooden statue of Saint Christopher, a 13th-century marble pulpit by Giudo Bigarelli of Como, various paintings such as the Saint Christopher by Tofanelli (18th century) and several Della Robbia Terracotta works.

Fornaci di Barga

At the foot of the hill on which stands the castle of Barga lies the town of Fornaci, the commercial centre of the area.

Itinerary: The Jasper Way

To visit to the quarries you can take part in one of the walks organised by the Pro Loco Barga. Alternatively, you can follow “The Jasper Way” itinerary.

The Red Telephone Box

What is a bright red, British telephone box doing in the centre of Barga? You might jokingly say “It’s a library”... But it really is!

Itinerary: The Della Robbia Glazed Terracotta Works of Barga

The close relationship that has linked Barga and Florence for centuries has deeply influenced the history, art and culture of Barga. All this can still be seen today, for example, in the so-called “Della Robbia Terracotta works”, glazed polychrome earthenware made using a technique developed by Luca Della Robbia in 1440 in Florence.


Tiglio is a small village on the slopes of the Apennine mountains of Barga. Founded before the year 1000, as evidenced by a document dated 20 July 983, it was probably named after the lime tree (tiglio in Italian).

Loppia Parish Church

The ancient Parish of Loppia was probably built in the sixth century during the territorial reorganization by the bishop and Saint Fridianus.


Sommocolonia, perched on the slopes of the Apennine mountains, is a small and compact stone village. It was originally a fortified Roman outpost

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