The museum is dedicated to the events that took place in Sommocolonia during World War II. In the museum you can find many original artefacts including weapons, equipment and period photos.

Many of the items on display come from the village of Sommocolonia: cartridges of all calibres, a British STEN MK II machine gun, a shell fragment from a US 155 artillery bomb, an American ‘Minesweeper’, bayonets, cartridge belts, military kits, fuses, a Buffalo soldier jacket, helmets, boots, gasoline cans, a telephone cable, BC 311 military radios and a German grenade.

– Adapted from Associazione ricreativa Sommocolonia, official website

– Photo by: Giornale di Barga, Massimo Pia

email: info@associazionericreativasommocolonia.it
Website: Associazione ricreativa Sommocolonia

Opening Times
To visit the museum, contact the Associazione ricreativa Sommocolonia

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