Housed in the striking medieval Praetorian Palace, it was the residence of the Commissioners and Praetors of Barga.

The museum explains the history of the Barga area and its specific naturalistic, historical and artistic characteristics. Geological, palaeontological and archaeological finds allow you to quickly retrace the history of the area from the Roman colonisation of the Serchio Valley, while exceptional works of art demonstrate the artistic wealth of the town from medieval to modern times.

As the seat of the Praetor and privileged place for the administration of justice, the Palace’s basement is also home to the prison, where you can see a reconstruction of a cell and a torture chamber, showing a profoundly different concept and management of justice compared to modern times.

The Praetorian Palace, which houses the museum, was built in the first half of the 14th century to house the Praetor, a figure with administrative and legal duties under Florentine rule.

The loggia at the entrance retains some evidence of political and administrative affairs: the coats of arms of the Praetors, a column with the Medici coat of arms in memory of a visit of Cosimo I de’ Medici, the Florentine standard for measuring length and volume in use in Barga.

– Adapted from P. Groppi, Guida pratica e storica di Barga, 1901

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