Barga has many tours and excursions to choose from. We have many alternatives to offer you, whether you prefer to discover the old town, get back to nature in the Apennine mountains or visit our villages.

The Jasper Way

To visit to the quarries you can take part in one of the walks organised by the Pro Loco Barga. Alternatively, you can follow “The Jasper Way” itinerary.

The Della Robbia Glazed Terracotta Works of Barga

The close relationship that has linked Barga and Florence for centuries has deeply influenced the history, art and culture of Barga. All this can still be seen today, for example, in the so-called “Della Robbia Terracotta works”, glazed polychrome earthenware made using a technique developed by Luca Della Robbia in 1440 in Florence.

Following the footsteps of the poet

The Pascoli itinerary “Following the footsteps of the Poet” was created with the intent to enhance geographical, linguistic and cultural places full of Pascoli inspiration and verses.

🗺️ Scarica la cartina di ‘Barga per vie e sentieri‘: pdf

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