Monday 14 February is lovers’ day. Many couples consider it a normal day, while for others it is an opportunity to do something different. What can you do on this special day in Barga and the surrounding area? There are many activities you can do, especially if it is sunny. Barga is a very romantic city, its Old Town Centre is filled with wonderful views, which are perfect for amazing photos and from the Cathedral’s terrace the panorama is breathtaking: from there you can see the whole valley and the mountains above it and you can eat something on Arringo lawn, next to the Cathedral. If you decide on a picnic, choose the location carefully and bring a bag with you for your garbage to keep the grass clean. Another beautiful place to spend some time is the Piazzale del Fosso (literally: moat square), called this way because it’s the place where in ancient times was the moat of the fortress. There, sitting on the grass, you can admire the majestic Royal Gate.

credit: Tommaso Giannini

If you are mountain lovers, you may move upwards: in the Pegnana area, there is a large field where you can spend your day; nearby there is the Befana’s Cabin. She won’t be home on that day, but she won’t mind you admiring her home from the outside. Upgoing further up the mountain, you’ll find yourselves in Renaio, a tiny village 1000 metres above sea level in the District of Barga, where you will also find a restaurant. If you would like to go even further up, after La Vetricia you will find many mountain paths, but be careful: there may be snow, so only go if you have an appropriate vehicle and equipment!

For the occasion, you can have an aperitif or eat something in one of the many restaurants in the Old Town Centre, or in the neighbouring areas and towns, such as Fornaci di Barga.

To conclude, Barga never disappoints, especially on Valentine’s Day! We are waiting for you to spend your day in our wonderful city! The Info Point in via di Mezzo will be open on Valentine’s day from 9:00 to 14:00.

— Written and translated by Margherita Paolinelli

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