The Opera Barga Festival was organised for the first time in 1967. This project was created by Peter Hunt and his wife Gillian Armitage and today is one of the oldest music festivals in Italy. This festival’s purpose is to launch new talents in the musical and artistic world. Opera Barga also helps, not just with the advancement of an artistic career, but also with self improvement.

During the 90s, the Festival focused on a very rich programme of plays, but recently Opera Barga’s initial purpose has been rediscovered, that is to encourage debuting musicians and composers to continue with their musical career.

In 2020 and 2021, despite the pandemic, Opera Barga Festival managed to respect its schedule following the covid regulations; we hope that this will happen in 2022 too.

Going back to this Festival’s history… In 1998 Opera Barga underwent an important change: it moved to the Differenti Theatre with many new collaborations, such as the choice of the new artistic director: Massimo Fino.



— Written by Francesca Catoi and translated by Margherita Paolinelli

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